Professional Experience Year Co-op Program (PEY Co-op): Kickstart your career


A New Era in Co-operative Education

PEY Co-op offers you more ways than ever before to put your best foot forward as a future engineering professional.

What if you could graduate with meaningful work experience, a strong resume, an extensive network and professional competencies that you’ll leverage for years to come?

That’s just the start of what you can gain from our Professional Experience Year Co-op Program (PEY Co-op), the largest optional work-experience program of its kind in Canada. Building on a 40-year legacy of facilitating successful professional opportunities for engineering students, we have expanded PEY Co-op to include more flexibility, enabling you to tailor your career development to suit your unique needs.

PEY Co-op is designed to provide you with the perfect balance of industry exposure and professional development. It can help you create career momentum and build a strong portfolio of meaningful contributions, career confidence and professional connections you’ll draw on after graduation. PEY Co-op has two distinct components:

1) Career Education

To help you prepare for — and excel in — your PEY Co-op positions, you’ll complete career development modules throughout your degree, alongside your academic program. These flexible online and in-person modules cover several topics over the course of the program, including: setting professional goals; resume and cover letter writing; interview skills; building your network; and transitioning to industry. You’ll use these critical competencies throughout your time at university, and well beyond.

2) Paid Work Experience

Through the PEY Co-op Program, you’ll immerse yourself as a full-time employee for 12 to 16 consecutive months after third year. You’ll also have the option to work for an additional four months after second year, giving you up to 20 months of paid professional work experience before you graduate. Whether you see yourself contributing to a small team at a fast-paced local startup or gaining international experience with a large multinational company, you’ll have unparalleled access to 1,500+ positions across every industry through PEY Co-op.


Has PEY changed? If so, how does it differ from the past program?

The Professional Experience Year Co-op Program (PEY Co-op) is the same established program that has been offered to U of T students in engineering, computer science and other applied science programs for the past 40 years. The new name provides greater clarity to both students and employers by emphasizing the fact that it is – and has always been – a co-operative learning experience.

Do I have to apply to PEY Co-op when I apply to U of T Engineering? What happens if I change my mind?

As an applicant, you will now indicate your interest in PEY Co-op at the time of their initial application to the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering. You will be asked to answer a yes or no question on the Engineering Applicant Portal. Your answer will not affect your admission eligibility in any way (i.e. it will not be more competitive to get into the Faculty with PEY Co-op). You will later be able to opt in or out if you change your mind.

What will happen to my student loans if I am away on PEY Co-op?

Students will be eligible for interest-free status for OSAP and other provincial student loans while on PEY Co-op. To retain interest-free status, your will need to complete the Continuation of Interest-Free Status (CIFS) form online through OSAP. Specific instructions will be provided by the Registrar’s Office.

I have a PEY Co-op question that was not already addressed, where can I find answers?

Additional information can be found on our Engineering Career Centre website here.