Engineering for the World (E4TW)

For generations, U of T Engineering students have proudly displayed “E4TW” on their Skule™ jackets. But what does it mean to be an “engineer for the world”? 

The practice of engineering transcends borders. Successful engineering leaders are well versed in the social, economic and cultural contexts in which their innovations will be applied. It is equally important for engineering teams to include voices and perspectives from around the globe, both to strengthen creativity and to ensure that technological solutions truly address the needs of local populations.  

Whether you aspire to improve access to clean water, leverage AI to support health care, or create more sustainable ways to move people through urban environments, your success depends on being able to think and act with a global perspective.   



We are proud of all the ways our students and alumni inspire change in their communities and around the world.

Click on the markers below to learn about projects happening across the globe.   

U of T Engineering and the broader University have created a wide range of ways for you to experience the world, both on and off campus, including:

Study Abroad

You can earn U of T credits while studying at one of our 160+ partner universities in another country for a term or a full year 


Work Abroad

Did you know that 10% of PEY Co-op work opportunities are located outside of Canada?  Last year, 85  engineering  students worked at companies abroad while earning competitive salaries and building impressive global networks. 

Research Abroad

Many engineering students spend their summer months gaining research experience in partner institutions like  Lund University in Sweden and Chinese University of Hong Kong. Engineering Science students can take part in the EngSci Research Opportunities Program. 

Certificate in Global Engineering

Choose three courses from a list of options to earn the Global Engineering certificate designation; courses range from the effects of emerging technologies in developed and developing economies to global energy systems. 

Global Capstone Courses

Capstone design projects are a highlight of the fourth-year engineering student experience. While many capstone projects focus on a particular industry challenge or local client need, some opportunities take student teams well beyond the walls of campus, such as those offered through our Centre for Global Engineering. 

Student Clubs & Teams

Many student-led clubs and teams at U of T Engineering have a global focus. This is a wonderful way to meet like-minded students, participate in local and international development projects or competitions, and learn from professionals applying their engineering expertise in a global context.    

Many of these experiences count toward U of T’s Global Citizen Program and can lead to a Global Scholar transcript notation.