Out of Country High School Applicants

We carefully consider each applicant based on a review of academic transcripts and activities outside the classroom which you will report when you complete the Online Student Profile (our supplemental application). If your first language is not English, we may also require that you provide proof that you have satisfied your English Language Requirement.

Academic Requirements

All applicants to the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering are required to present senior level courses in:

  • Mathematics (including Calculus)
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • English

In cases where applicants are not able to present a required prerequisite subject, it may be replaced by completing the grade 12 Ontario high school equivalent prerequisite subject. We recommend completing the course through the Independent Learning Centre (ILC), however it can be completed through any school that is accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education. If you have any questions about meeting our requirements, please contact the Engineering Admissions Office.

Prerequisite courses must be completed within five years of your intended start date. For example, any applicant whose intended start date is September 2024 must have completed the prerequisite requirements after September 2019 for admissions consideration. If you have completed the prerequisite requirements more than five years before your intended start date, you may be required to complete them once more.

Detailed requirements for education systems from which we commonly receive applications are listed below. Please read through the details for your education system for more information. For diploma requirements for all other countries, visit the International Admission Requirements section of the  University Admissions and Outreach website.

Requirements and Document Details by Education System

Please refer to your educational system below for specific prerequisites and document submission details.

International Curriculums

National Curriculums

For all other countries, visit the International Admission Requirements section of the University Admissions & Outreach website.