Our sense of community is built on a rich history that dates back to 1873, the year U of T Engineering was founded. In 1898, U of T engineers stole a small cannon from the nearby Ontario Parliament Buildings. This became our official mascot, now called Ye Olde Mighty Skule Cannon. Ever since, U of T arts students and other engineering schools have tried to steal the cannon from us.  To protect the cannon, several students serve as cannon guards. Their leader is known as the chief attiliator, whose identity is kept secret each year until an event called Grad Ball. The cannon is fired at many U of T events and is usually accompanied by the Lady Godiva Engineering Band.

  • U of T Engineers are proud of belonging to the oldest engineering school in Canada.
  • Your upper year classmates will teach you all the revered traditions.
  • As a student here, you’ll be a member of the U of T Engineering Society, Canada’s first engineering society, which serves as our student government.
  • When you graduate, you’ll receive an iron ring, a symbol that reflects the moral, ethical and professional commitment of the engineer who wears the ring.
  • The first-ever iron ring ceremony took place at U of T in 1925.
  • Only engineers and graduating engineers may attend The Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer (as a sneak peek ahead, Nobel prize-winning author Rudyard Kipling wrote the ritual obligation that engineers recite at the ceremony).
  • now it’s a common practice for all Canadian engineers to wear the ring on the little finger of the hand with which they write.