Transfer Applicants

We carefully consider each applicant based on a review of academic transcripts and activities outside the classroom which you will report when you complete the Online Student Profile. If your first language is not English, we may also require that you provide proof of English facility.

If you are transferring from a non-Engineering program, you will be considered for admission to the first year of our programs and may be eligible for transfer credits for individual courses. Applicants enrolled in an engineering program at a Canadian university  will not receive a decision until July. Please note that in recent years, the demand for our programs has been high and spaces for upper year transfers are limited.

Academic Requirements

We welcome students interested in transferring from recognized degree granting post-secondary institutions along with current University of Toronto students across all three campuses. Our Admissions Committee will take your overall academic history into account when considering a transfer.

If you are missing the requirements at the post-secondary level, you must at least present the high school equivalents for your education system completed.

Prerequisite courses must be completed within five years of your intended start date. For example, any applicant whose intended start date is September 2024 must have completed the prerequisite requirements after September 2019 for admissions consideration. If you have completed the prerequisite requirements more than five years before your intended start date, you may be required to complete them once more.

If you have completed the prerequisite requirements more than five years ago but have a science degree in good academic standing, please contact our office so we may advise you with regards to our requirements. If you are emailing us, please be sure to include information such as, the institution you attended, the program name, the duration of the program and the designation you received.

If you have completed an undergraduate engineering degree at a recognized institution, you will not be eligible to apply for undergraduate studies at U of T Engineering. Please visit the School of Graduate Studies program page for information on further studies.

Please visit the English Language Requirements page to evaluate if you are required to present proof of English Facility.

First Nations, Métis and Inuit Applicants

Indigenous Canadian students who are applying to U of T Engineering are encouraged to self-identify on the Ontario Universities Application Centre application and the Online Student Profile. This declaration is voluntary and will be used by the Committee on Admissions in considering applicants for the U of T Engineering Entrance Scholarship for Indigenous Students.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at