English Facility Requirements

Who needs to provide proof of English facility?

If your first language is not English, you must present proof of English facility prior to admission unless you have completed four years of full-time study in an English language school system in a country where the dominant language is English.

If you are unsure if your country of residence qualifies for English facility exemption, please contact our office as soon as possible. It is important to remember that your application will not be assessed until you have satisfied your English facility requirement.

Visit our English Language Requirements page for detailed information, including acceptable tests/ qualifications and minimum scores.

How do I submit my test scores to the University?

Visit the English Language Requirements page to determine how to send us proof of English Facility for your respective test/qualification; methods of submission will vary depending on the type of proof submitted. Scores not sent as directed may cause delays in the assessment of your application.

We recommend that you request to have your results sent to us as soon as is the become available, we cannot assess your application with unofficial scores.

NOTE: It is very important that you register for a test using the same first names(s), surname(s) (last/family name), date of birth, and gender as on your application for admission. We cannot match your results to your application if the information differs and this will delay your assessment.

What if I study in Canada but I’m still required to present proof of English Facility?

For candidates who are required to present proof of English facility and who have, or will complete, English grade 12 in the Canadian high school curriculum, a minimum grade grade of 70% in this course is required for admission. Please contact our office  if you have any further questions.

What if I do not meet the English facility requirements?

If your tests scores do not meet the English facility requirements on your first try, you will not be penalized. It is okay to make multiple attempts; however, you must send us acceptable scores in order for your application to be reviewed. If you are sending more than one result, please make sure they are all submitted by the document deadline to avoid delays in your application assessment.

If you are an international high school student and your English language test scores fall below the University of Toronto’s English facility requirements, you may be eligible to apply for the International Foundation Program (IFP). If you are interested in being considered for IFP, you should indicate this at the time of application in the OUAC.

Should you have any further questions, please contact our office or refer to U of T’s English facility requirements.