Summer Research Opportunities

Each summer, our professors hire hundreds of Engineering students to work in their labs on ongoing research.

Imagine transforming a wall or roof into an energy-harvesting surface with nano-engineered spray paint.

How about working on a team of biologists, chemists and engineers who are designing a nerve regeneration system for injured spinal cords?

Our researchers include students on their teams for many reasons, including the intelligence, dedication and creativity they bring to the project. Professors engaged in research report their results in scientific articles they write for prestigious journals — that’s how other scientists know what’s going on. The name of each member of the research team, including the names of students, is listed. Even before you graduate, you can begin to build an impressive resume of accomplishments.

Working with your professors and classmates in the summer is also a good way to network and make contacts.

Watch the videos below to get a sense of how students, just like you, contributed to important projects this past summer.

Camilla, a first-year Mineral Engineering student outlines her summer research in a geomechanics lab:

Shawn, a third-year Electrical & Computer Engineering student discusses his summer research in Recon file systems consistency:

Lisa, a third-year Chemical Engineering student talks about her summer research involving the study of air quality: