How much does a U of T Engineering education cost?

The quality of a U of T Engineering education is world-class, and the cost of attending is competitive.

Fees for full-time studies for the academic year are listed below in Canadian Dollars. For more information, please visit www.fees.utoronto.ca.

DomesticInternational 1
Tuition$15,760 2$54,840 3
Incidental Fees$1,599.60 4$1,549 4 5
Residence (with a meal plan)$10,755—$15,686$10,755—$15,686
Meal Plan (without residence)$1,800—$3,000$1,800—$3,000


1. International students are not eligible for need-based financial aid

2. 2018-2019 academic fees

3. 2018-2019 academic fees

4. 2017-2018 incidental fees; 2018-2019 fees are subject to change

5. International students are also required to purchase Health Insurance through UHIP (approximately $612 per year)