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COVID-19 admission-related FAQs

I am an Ontario high school and I will not have mid-term results for all courses in time for the May round of admissions, how will you review my application?

U of T Engineering usually considers grade 11 and 12 grades in pre-requisite courses as a part of the admission process which will continue to be the case for this cycle. For Ontario students, admissions decisions are made in February, March and May. Students admitted in February and March have traditionally been considered with missing pre-requisite grade 12 courses. For 2021, this approach will continue for our May round decisions. In making our decisions, we will consider your complete academic history, along with the information included in your online Student Profile.

Students are admitted on condition of obtaining a specific overall average, along with a minimum grade in required subjects — this will be outlined in the offer of admission.

My provincial exams have been cancelled — can I still be considered for admission?

While Canadian secondary schools and provincial Ministries of Education are adjusting their evaluation methods, grading processes, or using alternative methods of assessment, such adjustments will not negatively affect admission consideration. In jurisdictions where Diploma/Provincial exams are now optional, when considering an applicant’s final results for Fall 2021 admission, we will use the final mark on a transcript whether a Diploma/Provincial exam was written or not. 

My extra-curricular involvement has been limited because of COVID-19 restrictions. Will this hurt my application?

We understand that many activities have cancelled or limited due to COVID-19 restrictions. We encourage you to list the activities you have been involved with, throughout high school. You will be given the opportunity on your Online Student Profile to reflect on how your involvement outside of the classroom has changed due to the pandemic.

English language testing was cancelled in my country. How should I provide proof of my English language facility?

If your English language test has been cancelled we encourage you to complete the TOEFL online test. If the test has not been made available in your region or you are unable to complete that test, please contact the U of T Engineering Admissions team at to discuss alternatives.


What happens if I can't provide final grades or my exams are cancelled?

School jurisdictions around the world are adjusting their evaluation and assessment methods and submitting results to universities accordingly. We will accept the adjusted assessment methods as determined by your educational jurisdiction in order to meet our conditions.   

In the event that your school board or testing agency is unable to send us final transcripts or exam results by the document deadline, please e-mail us at Please take advantage of any supplementary learning materials that may be provided to you so that you are as well prepared as possible for university studies. 

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