Commuting From Your Family Home

If you’re thinking of commuting from your family’s home because your parents (or other relatives) already live in Toronto, you’re definitely not alone. Many of our students live at home and commute to school each day using public transit. It’s especially convenient because streetcars and subway lines serve all the main streets bordering the campus.

Students appreciate being able to commute to campus because:

  • It’s easier on your budget when you live at home and commute to school.
  • You continue to enjoy family life and have the convenience of your own familiar space.
  • You can use your commuting time to read and do schoolwork.

An interview with Tessa Pietropaolo, who lives with her family and commutes to school:

Age 20, second-year student in Industrial Engineering

Where do you live?
Dufferin and Eglinton (about eight kilometres north of the campus).

How do you get to school?
I usually get a ride in with my mom and then take the subway home, depending on my class time. It takes me about a half hour to get to school on the TTC, 15 minutes if I’m driving.

What are the advantages of living at home with your family and commuting to school?
I get distracted easily, so at home I can get away from everyone. My parents offered to let me stay in residence, but I figured we should save the money. And I get to spend time with my family — we’re really close.

Is there a downside to commuting?
Sometimes thinking of getting on the subway seems hard, especially in rush hour.

What surprised you about your commuting lifestyle choice as it relates to your Engineering studies?
It was easier than I thought it would be. I thought I wouldn’t be able to form study groups, but that wasn’t a problem. A lot of my friends commute.

How does it affect your social life?
Not that much. I’m lucky because a lot of my friends stay in residence. I can always crash with them.

How does it affect your outlook?
It didn’t much. I don’t feel left out. If there is something going on at school I try to go.

How does commuting affect your studies?
I think it made them better. It helps me stay focused.

Would you recommend it to other students (first-years in particular)?
If they live close, I would recommend it.

Students who are thinking about living at home may feel that it’s harder to get involved at school. Have you managed to get involved in clubs and teams?
Yes! I’ve been a Frosh leader for two years, do tours at the school, volunteered for every event in first year, go to all the events and helped out with the commuter program.

How do you use your commuting time?
I usually read on the subway.