Off-Campus Housing

Many students choose to live in the neighbourhoods that surround the St. George campus. They live in apartments, share a floor of a house, or event rent an entire house with a group of friends.

Housing Services can help you find a place to live that will meet your needs.

  • The St. George campus is surrounded by great neighbourhoods.
  • Living in an apartment or room is usually cheaper than residence.
  • Because you live off campus, you’ll get to know more of the city.
  • Whether you live alone or share with a roommate, you’ll feel independent.
  • You’ll develop a sense of independence and important life skills, like learning to cook for yourself.

Students often ask: “Does U of T Engineering have a co-op program?”

Interview with Tejas Manjunath, who lives off-campus in a house with friends:

Age 19, third-year student in Mechanical Engineering

Where do you live?
About two kilometres away from school.

How do you get to school?
I walk, but I’m going to get a bike. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to walk.

What are the advantages of living off campus?
I used to live in residence, and it was a great experience. It was really easy to make friends in residence and have study groups. But when you are living off campus, it’s easier to be independent — cook and clean for yourself. You don’t have to rely on anyone else. You grow up a bit and do things on your own time. Even little things, like not having to eat only when the cafeteria at residence is open.

What do you like best about living off campus?
Depending where you live, you can do groceries. I live in a great neighbourhood where shopping is only five minutes away.

Why did you decide to leave residence?
I decided mostly because of the costs. It would be more financially stable for my parents and me to live off-campus and manage my own groceries rather than paying into a meal plan.

What surprised you about your off-campus lifestyle choice as it relates to your Engineering studies?
I think I was able to get more involved in Engineering and I found a good community of
people to work with. It’s good for me. I can come to school and use the labs late at night if I want. A lot of people in my neighbourhood are also Engineering students.

How did it affect your social life?
I think it decreased a bit because in residence there are way more people, but now I’m more involved with the University community, so it’s ok. It depends on how outgoing you are. Off campus is quiet, you can focus on your studies.

How did it affect your outlook?
When I truly moved away from residence, it helped me fend for myself. It made me feel like I was running my own life.

How did it affect your studies?
I was able to study much better. Residence can get noisy. Now I share a house with nine people. The neighbourhood is really quiet, no parties. I’m moving to a house with four people in September.

Would you recommend it to other students (first-years in particular)?
Residence was a good experience in first year, but moving out of residence after first year was a good choice for me. It was difficult to adjust at first because I’m an international student, born in India, but spent most of my life in Trinidad and Tobago.

Even though you aren’t living on campus, have you managed to get involved in clubs, teams, etc?
Oh yeah. This year I got so much more involved. In first year, I just stayed in residence and made lots of friends there. When I moved, I turned my interest to getting involved in school because there’s so much opportunity with design teams and sports. I tried to do everything. Getting involved in the community was fantastic, and wasn’t difficult at all.