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2020 Summer Student Blog

Throughout the summer, a current student will be posting regular blog entries about things you can look forward to this fall and ways to stay engaged and get prepared over the summer.

And that’s a Wrap!

September 4, 2020

Last blog post of the summer! I cannot believe we’re already here.   Next week marks the start of F!rosh Week and your first day as a first year engineering student here at the University of Toronto. Are you excited? Are you nervous? Are you scared? Somehow I’m feeling all three about my first day… Read more »

Skule™ and your Engineering Society

August 28, 2020
External shot of campus building

This week I wanted to share more on something that I’m personally very passionate about, our Engineering Society (EngSoc). I wrote an earlier post about getting involved in Skule and specifically with EngSoc, so if you haven’t read that yet you should definitely give it read as well. EngSoc is very near and dear to… Read more »

Making the most of Remote Learning

August 21, 2020
U of T Engineering's convocation day, held at Convocation Hall at the University of Toronto in Toronto, ON on June 19, 2018.

15 days to go! Wow, post #10! I cannot believe we’re already here.    I’ve spent many weeks telling you about all the fantastic things in Skule you have to look forward to very soon. This week I wanted to write a post addressing the elephant in the room (or I guess, the elephant in… Read more »

Skule Community: Our History and Traditions – Part 2

August 14, 2020
Student speaking at event

22 Days to go!   I probably don’t need to tell you that classes are starting up very soon. Hope you’re excited and feeling ready to start this next chapter. This week I’m sharing even more history and tradition in the Skule community, please enjoy: Kaboom! Did you know we have a mascot in Engineering? And… Read more »

Skule Community: Our History and Traditions – Part 1

August 7, 2020
Engineering students gathered on campus

29 days to go…!   As we slowly ramp up to September and the start of school, it’s about time that I spend a blog post or two introducing you all to the history and traditions of our community.  A couple of quick notes before we get started: I’ll just mention that while a lot… Read more »

Summer after First Year: What to get excited for

July 31, 2020
group of students

36 days left, just over a month to go! As a personal update, I picked the first ripe red tomato in my garden this morning, it was a proud quarantine moment 🙂    Good day everyone and welcome back to the blog! This week I wanted to get readers excited and looking forward to opportunities… Read more »

Life Beyond Engineering

July 24, 2020
u of t front campus facing convocation hall

43 Days to go….!   Hello hello! Today, I want to talk about your life beyond being an engineering student, and no I don’t mean your life after you’ve graduated, I’m talking about while you’re still a student! Engineering is awesome and Skule is awesome, but there’s always room for a little more awesome elsewhere…. Read more »

Getting Involved in Skule – Part 2: Clubs, Sports, Design Teams, Volunteering

July 16, 2020
Students in musical band

50 Days to go….!   Happy Friday and welcome back to the blog. The morning I wrote this I was particularly groggy on account of having to wake up early to secure spots in my third year Biomedical Engineering electives for the year. Thankfully I got into all the courses I wanted and I’m SO… Read more »

Getting Involved in Skule – Part 1

July 9, 2020
Dean Yip with students

57 Days to go….! Welcome back to the blog!   This week I am starting a series of posts talking about the various ways you as a new U of T Engineering student can get involved in the Skule community and beyond. But before I do, I’d like to spend a moment to talk about… Read more »

Strategies for Success: 5 things that helped me get through first-year courses

July 3, 2020
View of Engineering Library

64 Days to go….Happy July!   Once during an Open House tour I facilitated, a prospective student raised their hand and asked what my top 5 tips were for academic success in first year engineering. Since then I’ve spent time thinking more about that question, so without further ado, I present 5 tips that helped… Read more »

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