International Foundation Program

The International Foundation Program (IFP) is a unique offering that combines conditional acceptance to the University of Toronto with intensive English language instruction. The IFP is available to academically qualified international students who are graduating from an international high school and whose English fluency scores do not meet the University of Toronto’s published entrance requirements.

Successful completion of the IFP will guarantee admission to the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering with one full credit in First Year.

Students applying to the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering should demonstrate excellence in Mathematics and Sciences throughout high school. In order to be eligible for admission, candidates must complete senior level courses in Mathematics (including Calculus), Physics and Chemistry. International high school candidates who have excellent grades in these prerequisite courses but have English proficiency test scores lower than normally required for direct admission may apply to the IFP.

For further information about the IFP program please consult the IFP website. All students interested in applying to the International Foundation Program (IFP) can do so on the OUAC website.

By successfully completing the IFP, students whose English language scores fall below the University of Toronto’s requirements can gain access to the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering. Applicants must achieve an English facility test score that falls into one of the IFP ranges listed below:

TestIFP Admission RangeU of T Direct Admission
TOEFL IBT63+  (minimum 16 on writing)100 (minimum 22 on writing)
TOEFL PBT523 - 576  (minimum 4.0 on TWE)600 (minimum 5.0 on TWE)
Cael60 (writing not below 60, no other part below 50)70 (no part below 60)
IELTSOverall 5.0 - 6.5 (no band lower than 5.0)Overall 6.5+ (no band lower than 6.0)
COPEOverall 77–85(minimum 27 in Writing and 17 in each of Reading and Listening)86 (minimums: 32 in Writing, 22 in each of Reading and Listening.)

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