Frequently Asked Questions


How will PEY Co-op benefit me?

  • Your employer pays you a salary — $50,000 a year on average. In 2018, the highest salary earned was $89,000.
  • You’ll work at one company or organization where you’ll be treated as an engineering professional.
  • You’ll take on meaningful tasks while working on projects from start to finish.
  • You’ll take on more challenging responsibilities as you grow with the job.
  • Many companies use PEY Co-op to ‘audition’ future hires.
  • 70 per cent of PEY Co-op students return to school with a job offer.
  • PEY Co-ops are less disruption than a traditional four-month opportunity; you don’t have to move in and out every few months.
  • It complements your studies, giving you the opportunity to put your studies to practice.
  • You can try out one type of job or field before you invest in it as a career.
  • It’s a great opportunity to network and make industry contacts.
  • If you choose a PEY Co-op opportunity in another country, it will give you global experience – adding considerable value to your resume.
  • It gives you confidence that you can apply your knowledge, skills and experience in the real world.


How does PEY Co-op work?

Many students choose do to their PEY Co-op after their third year of study. In this scenario, after your work is complete, you would come back to school to finish your fourth year at U of T Engineering. The Engineering Career Centre works closely with students before and during the co-op term. The Centre’s staff begin working with students well before their job begins, guiding students in identifying companies that are the right fit and creating strong applications and resumes that employers will notice. During your PEY Co-op, the Engineering Career Centre offers professional support to both employers and students on issues relating to students’ performance.

What do students do on a PEY Co-op?

PEY Co-op goes far beyond a traditional work experience program, where jobs usually last four months — just about the length of a summer job and barely enough time to learn the ropes. PEY Co-op helps you understand the practical side of your studies, gives you insight into your own interests and helps you develop your skills as an engineer. You’ll be treated as a professional, working with diverse teams and responsible for managing and spearheading key projects.

Are there other ways to get work experience?

While more than half of our students choose to go on PEY Co-op, many opt to explore their career options in other ways. There is also a four-month summer opportunity designed to give students a taste of working in a company or organization offered through the PEY Co-op Program. Students can participate in both a shorter four-month placement  between second and third year, then a PEY Co-op work experience term if they wish. For further information on the program details and requirements, please visit the Engineering Career Centre website.

Engineering students can also apply to a variety of summer research opportunities. As a valuable member of a research team, you’ll gain hands-on experience while making great connections with your professors and other researchers around the world. Even better, your name could appear on a groundbreaking research paper. Imagine the excitement of working alongside engineers who are shaping the future of the profession — and perhaps the world. Read more about summer research.