Q&A with transfer student Keith Eriks

Meet Keith Eriks, a Varsity athlete who transferred to U of T Engineering’s mechanical engineering program from general sciences at UBC.

portrait of Keith Eriks

Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Previous School: University of British Columbia
Previous Program: General Sciences 
Current Program: Mechanical Engineering
Current Activities: Men’s Varsity Swimming

When did you first consider transferring?

Even at the beginning of my first year, I never really got the sense that UBC was the right fit for me, both academically and athletically. I didn’t think about transferring until about halfway through my first year.

What was your motivation for seeking a transfer to U of T Engineering?

After a year of studying science at UBC, I discovered that I enjoyed problem solving and wanted to apply my knowledge to address real-world problems. I applied to U of T Engineering because of its reputation for being one of the top engineering schools worldwide. I also wanted to be a part of U of T’s Varsity swim team. Upon coming here, I immediately clicked with my coaches and have been steadily improving since.

How was the process of transferring?

The transfer process ended up being a surprisingly easy and straightforward experience, including getting credits from UBC transferred (my first-year advisor was easy to work with, which helped a lot). The most stressful part was waiting to hear if I got in.

Once you started at U of T Engineering, how did you find the community?

The community is extremely supportive. I enjoy my classes and my professors are approachable and knowledgeable.

What’s one thing that surprised you about being a U of T student?

I like how accessible the city is from campus. Within a 20-minute walk, I can be in the middle of the Eaton Centre, or walking down Yonge Street. This was a significant change from studying at UBC, and something that I enjoyed immediately upon starting at U of T.


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