U.S. High School

Grade 12 at an accredited high school with a high grade point average and high scores on SAT Reasoning or Redesigned (including Essay) or ACT exams (including Writing Test Component). Excellent results in senior level (AP, Honors or Equivalent) courses, including Math (Calculus), Chemistry and Physics. Consideration is given for AP or SAT Subject test results in Math (Calculus), Chemistry and Physics.

Competitive applicants are expected to have two years of Chemistry and Physics as well as Calculus completed or in progress by their senior year. Students who are not able to take more than one year of Chemistry or Physics, who are not taking an AP course in that subject should arrange to take the SAT Subject test prior to the document submission deadline and provide proof of registration.

Applicants who have written AP exams, should present minimum scores of at least 4; Redesigned SAT each section 650 and scores of at least 6 in each section of the Essay; SAT Subject tests in Math, Physics or Chemistry should be at least 650 and higher for our more competitive programs; ACT composite scores of at least 30 with scores of at least 28 in Math and Science (ACT Writing Score of at least 8). Please note that U of T Engineering does not grant advanced standing credit for AP courses.

Please visit English Language Requirements to evaluate if you are required to present proof of English Facility. If you do not meet the English Language Requirements at the time of admission or you are worried that your test score will not meet our minimum requirements, you may want to consider applying for the International Foundation Program (IFP).

Submission of Documents

Transcripts (midterm and/or final) can be sent to us electronically via Parchment/Naviance. If your school does not use Parchment/Naviance, your transcript can be uploaded through the Engineering Applicant Portal. Please note that it is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the Engineering Undergraduate Admissions Office receives all required documents.

Applicants enrolled in IB courses should complete the IB Predicted Grade Form in their Engineering Applicant Portal and submit it via the Portal’s document upload feature prior to February 1.  Final IB results should be forwarded to U of T directly from the issuing body. The University does not accept paper final IB Diploma results.

Final SAT, AP and ACT scores should be sent electronically via the College Board. For SAT and AP, reference institution code 0982-00; for ACT, reference institution code 5366.