Candidates studying in the Indian education system are required to provide the following certifications in the subjects of Math, Chemistry and Physics at the grade 12 level:

  • All India Senior School Certificate awarded by CBSE or
  • Indian School Certificate (awarded by CISCE) or
  • Year 12 State Board Exams with excellent results
  • Proof of English Facility may be required*

Prerequisite courses should be presented in the 12th year. Candidates may be considered for early admissions based on excellent 10th board examination results, final 11th school grades and predicted grade 12 Board results from your school.

*Please visit English Language Requirements to evaluate if you are required to present proof of English Facility. If you do not meet the English Language Requirements at the time of admission or you are worried that you test score will not meet our minimum requirements, you may want to consider applying for the International Foundation Program (IFP).

Submission of Documents

Complete the official India Board Admit Card Information Form in your Engineering Applicant Portal and submit it via the Portal’s document upload feature prior to February 1. Applicants are required to submit secondary school transcripts, showing all years of study including current interim results, 10th Board examinations results and Predicted 12th board grades, via the Applicant Portal’s document upload feature prior to February 1. 

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