Candidates studying in the Chinese High School system are required to present:

  • Senior 3 level Math, Chemistry and Physics
  • Hui Kao: Chinese Upper Middle School Graduation Exam results / Academic Proficiency Test
  • Gao Kao: Chinese National University Entrance Examinations in the prerequisite subjects
  • Proof of English Facility may be required*

Students following the national Chinese curriculum, who are not completing the Gao Kao must provide a written explanation why they are not writing the Gao Kao and submit a standardized test result (SAT Subject Test or AP exam) for each prerequisite subject.

If you are following an International curriculum such as the American Curriculum (U.S, British-Patterned (A-Levels) or International Baccalaureate curriculum, please review the admission requirements for those systems.

For Fall 2021 Admissions, U of T is test optional. However, we strongly encourage students to submit any SAT, ACT or AP exams they have completed.

* Please visit English Language Requirements page to evaluate if you are required to present proof of English Facility. If you do not meet the English Language Requirements at the time of admission or you are worried that you test score will not meet our minimum requirements, you may want to consider applying for the International Foundation Program (IFP).

Submission of Documents

Applicants are required to submit a complete senior secondary school transcript showing results for all completed and in-progress courses, a copy of their Hui Kao results, and proof of Gao Kao registration via the Engineering Applicant Portal prior to the deadline to submit documents.

If you are not in the Gao Kao stream, your SAT or AP results in the prerequisite subjects must be sent electronically from College Board to the University of Toronto. Results must arrive prior to the deadline to submit documents to receive equal admissions consideration. The University of Toronto institution code is 0982.

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