British-Patterned Education

GCE: Candidates completing the GCE/British pattern system must present three Advanced Level subjects including:

  • Advanced Level Mathematics
  • Advanced Level Physics
  • Advanced Level Chemistry is strongly recommended, and applicants must present at least AS Level Chemistry in order to be considered for admission.

Please note that if A Level Chemistry is not taken, another A Level must be presented. Additional Mathematics is recommended at the Ordinary Level.

Grades of B or higher are recommended; candidates meeting these requirements are not guaranteed admission. Candidates with a final or predicted result of C or below in any of the prerequisite subjects will not be considered for admission.

Applied Advanced Level subjects are not an ideal preparation for our programs. Please note that no advanced standing credit is granted for Advanced Level courses.

Cambridge Pre-University: Candidates completing the full Cambridge International Pre-University Diploma are required to present:

  • 3 Principal Subjects (or a combination of Advanced Level subjects and Principal Subjects) in Math, Chemistry and Physics
  • Global Perspectives and Independent Research Report (GPR)
  • Proof of English Facility may be required*

*Please visit English Language Requirements to evaluate if you are required to present proof of English Facility. If you do not meet the English Language Requirements at the time of admission or you are worried that your test score will not meet our minimum requirements, you may want to consider applying for the International Foundation Program (IFP).


Submission of Documents

As final GCE A Level/ Cambridge Pre-University results may arrive too late for admissions consideration, a conditional offer of admission may be made based on official predicted grades/results submitted by your academic institution.  To assist us in the early evaluation of applications, we require that you complete the GCE A Level/ Cambridge Pre-University Predicted Grade Form in your Engineering Applicant Portal and submit it via the document upload feature prior to February 1. When available, final results should be sent directly to the Engineering Undergraduate Admissions office at the University of Toronto from the issuing body.