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#1 Engineering School in Canada, and among the best in the world at Canada’s most Innovative University

No university in Canada — and perhaps the world — is in a better position to offer an education that will help the brightest students meet the grand challenges that humanity now faces.

Here you’ll find a global community of innovators and creators. We are at the forefront of engineering education and research — in the groundbreaking areas we explore, the ways we collaborate and the contributions we make to the profession. All international rankings consistently rate U of T Engineering number one in Canada and among the world’s best.  We’re preparing engineers of tomorrow — like you—to unlock our future’s boundless potential.

You will study among talented students who bring their own perspectives and passions to the mix. Our student body is the most diverse in our history, with students from every Canadian province and more than 100 countries. This year, women comprise 40 per cent of the first-year class, which is the highest proportion of any university in Canada

The U of T Engineering community is known for being especially supportive and closely knit. You’ll attend many of your classes with the same group of students, creating strong communities very quickly. We’re proud of being the oldest and finest engineering school in Canada and we look forward to introducing you to our revered traditions.

*U of T Engineering rankings

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University in North America for research-based startups


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Over 40%

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Innovation thrives here

From the world’s most energy-efficient light bulb to the world’s fastest bike, the U of T Engineering community brings innovative ideas to life through creativity, entrepreneurship and smart design. As a student, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to engineering ingenuity in numerous ways — whether you’re collaborating on groundbreaking research or getting your own startup off the ground through The Entrepreneurship Hatchery.

How do U of T Engineering students turn their innovations into businesses? Find out.

U of T is #1 among North American universities in the number of new research-based startups*

*Association of University Technology Managers




Eta reached a top speed of 139.45 kilometres per hour (86.65 miles per hour) at the World Human Powered Speed Challenge in fall 2015. With help from a team of U of T Engineering students, Eta was designed by alumni Todd Reichert and Cameron Robertson. Todd and Cameron are founders of Aerovelo — a company that specializes in incredible human-powered vehicles.



Imagine never having to remember passwords, security credentials and even your car keys again. The Nymi Band uses a person’s unique heartbeat to authenticate the wearer to achieve password freedom. Alumnus Karl Martin is the company’s CEO and co-founder.



Nanoleaf, founded by alumni Gimmy Chu, Tom Rodinger and Christian Yan, has grown from its days as a crowdfunded venture to a bi-continental, award-winning company that is revolutionizing the lighting industry with energy-efficient LED light bulbs. Pictured, the Nanoleaf One bulb has a lifespan of 27.5 years.



U of T Engineering received funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to design a waterless, hygienic toilet that is safe and affordable for people in the developing world. Professor Yu-Ling Cheng and her team developed the prototype (pictured), which placed third worldwide in the Foundation’s Reinvent the Toilet Challenge.



Designed by Professor Goldie Nejat and her team, Tangy is an assistive robot that promotes social interaction and recreational activity among those with degenerative cognitive conditions. Tangy tells jokes and leads games like Bingo, which exercise memory, recognition and fine motor skills in patients.